About Us


Our Vision

Why we exist?
To provide World-Class Services to our Affiliates

Our Vision statement is a definition of why we exist? As an affiliate company, our vision dovetails into the vision of DWHomes of “Building Homes and Enhancing Lives”. We endeavour to provide them our services – by being proactive, on-time and of high quality. This in essence captures the expectations and deliverables and this is our DNA. The vision statement is our ‘North Star’ that provides the direction to our goalpost. Our Mission statement is a manifestation of commitment and resolve of our team that takes pride fulfilling expectations of partners.

Our Mission

How do we get there?

Mission statement is essentially our tool box, our compass that aligns our purpose, efforts, aspirations, energies to reach the summit that is our vision. The mission statement with acronym of P.A.T.H. is our roadmap / GPS which will lead us to our ultimate goal. The mission statement is about leveraging all resources to implement a strategic plan to realize our vision.

Performance Oriented and Proactive:

Each team member at LOS has a clarity of purpose and has clearly defined goals; success orientation defines our team and by being Proactive we control our situation and act in anticipation to avoid pitfalls. Performance is a way of life at LOS.

Accurate and On-time Services:

Our team takes pride in producing output that is accurate without losing the sight of committed timelines. The work culture of quality and timeliness ensures that we meet the expectations of our customers every single time.

Trust in Teamwork:

Team LOS believes in collective success. We inculcate the climate of trust in individuals and team. We see Team work and Trust as a success multiplier. We seek support and provide support to build a winning team.

Happy and Harmonious Work Culture:

LOS is developing a culture of Harmony that makes us a happy work place. We rise above our differentiators of knowledge, age, experience, hierarchy etc. and this makes us one homogenous force that brings success and breeds success. We are one big family where each member is a key constituent that supports the structure.

Our Values

We wish to build LOS as a Value Driven Organization. Values define who we are and define our behavior and culture.


The best there is – we set high standards and intend to meet the expectations of our customers by being at our best. We continually learn new skills, update knowledge that keeps us ahead of the curve and set high performance standards for ourselves.


Team works with passion – with the mind and soul. The passion energises our efforts to provide high quality services which is intended to bring customer delight.


Team LOS believes in ‘doing-the-right-thing’; it has high moral obligation to the company, stake holders, society etc. to ensure that our work practices meet the best ethical standards. We have a work culture of zero tolerance when it comes to the issue of Integrity.


This is like an unwritten contract where we ensure our customers of our highest commitment to deliver value and expected performance. Each team member is dedicated to meet this expectation.

Strategic Levers

4 C’s define our Strategic Levers which ensure that we stay on course to reaching our aim.

Continuous Learning

We live in a technology driven world where changes are constant feature. The team therefore continually stays on the technology curves and learns new skills and updates knowledge.

Strong Communication

Communication is breaker of barriers and we build culture where all team members freely communicate, exchange knowledge and help every team member to build performance.

Technical Competence

This is an essential trait that helps us to provide our customers high performance services which are accurate and timely. The competence is built with passion for knowledge and skills.

Excellent Culture

The culture of cooperation, communication and commitment is the enabler to high performance and reliable services. We build strong working relationships and go an extra mile to ensure that Team DWH is able to deliver its customers ‘Enhanced Lives’.

People Services

‘People Services’ Team is committed to the most important aspect of the company ie. its ‘Team Members’. We continuously strive to provide a challenging and absorbing work environment to the Team Members by involving them at all levels through various initiatives and programs. We do this by following some of the latest practices in the industry which helps us in hiring, on-boarding, developing, managing and retaining the talent.

Lone Oak Solutions is a PoSH act complaint organization. Name of IC Committee members are :

Aparajita Gaekwad – Presiding Officer
Pooja Parekh – Member
Vishal Kapadiya – Member
Shivani Bose – External Member

C.A.R.E. - Committed | Active | Responsible | Enhancing

We have adopted our partner ‘David Weekley Homes’ philosophy of CARE. CARE stands for Committed, Active, Responsible and Enhancing Lives. CARE is our way of giving back to the society through initiatives taken by Lone Oak Team Members. We began with CARE program in 2017. We have carried out many projects since and intend to continue with these initiatives to contribute and make even difference in lives of those who need us.