Our development team supports our partner in building and maintaining their software solutions by solving problems and ensuring that all information, processes, and programs run smoothly.

Information Services (IS)

Our team helps to achieve quality outcomes through workflow optimization, best practices, applied technologies, and learning experiences. Our comprehensive and product-based implementation, consulting, education, and technical services help to meet organizational goals and strategic imperatives so that we can succeed in today’s evolving regulatory environment.

Here is an introduction of IS and some of our roles and responsibilities:

  • We aim to provide efficient timely support to DWH to make their work easy on further developments.
  • Employees work in teams and are aligned to specific products.
  • Issues/Bugs solving & new feature enhancements are carried out.
  • DWH & LOS teams collaboratively work on different applications like Sales, Purchasing, Website, Management, etc.
  • Understanding purpose, objective, and requirements of tickets from a user-centric perspective.
  • Responsible for providing processed or published information on specific requirements to DWH.
  • The solution has to be intuitive and up to the mark.
  • Follow proper expected coding and design standards.
  • High weightage on most efficient logic to solve tickets.
  • Appropriate coordination & needed communication with team members and team leads.
  • Paying close attention to problems others may be facing.
  • Our motto is working in a manner that makes the work of other team members easy.

Below is the basic process how IS is working in LOS


Technology we work on

ASP.NET Core, C#, Vue.js, TypeScript, MSSQL, Azure, Github, Figma, NServiceBus, Bootstrap